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After all, accommodations are meant to "level the playing field," provide equal and ready access to the task at hand, and not meant to provide an undue advantage to the user.Selecting and monitoring the effectiveness of accommodations should be an ongoing process, and changes (with involvement of students, parents and educators) should be made as often as needed.Let’s discuss some ideas on how we can use accommodations and modifications to make learning easier for students with LEP.When assessing your ESL students, be sure that you’re clear on exactly what it is that you want them to demonstrate.

This gives ELLs the opportunity to preview what will be taught and, in turn, aids in comprehension of the material.

Then, think of creative ways that they can demonstrate that knowledge.

For instance, a teacher assessing students’ understanding of causes of the Revolutionary War may traditionally have required that students write responses to a number of questions or prompts.

Instead, we stay up late researching strategies to motivate our students.

While all these things are great — and necessary — we need to make sure that we’re supporting our students 100%.


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