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The Delaware still on the Susquehanna stay neutral at first.

Fort Duquesne (the present Pittsburgh) is built by the French where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers join to form the Ohio.

Petun and Huron refugees leave Ontario, and spend the winter of 1649-50 on Mackinac Island.c.

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The brutal behavior of the Spanish has a devastating effect on the tribes of the southeast; perhaps coincidently, Mississippian culture enters a rapid decline.c.

A Shawnee colony called the Savannah is in South Carolina, where they form a buffer between the Cherokee and the Catawba.1652-c.1665 - The Wyandots and Ottawa move inland from Green Bay to the Mississippi River, then drift north to Chequamegon on Lake Superior in Sioux country, where they resume fur trade with the French.1653-1656 - The Erie lose a protracted war with the Iroquois. Ignace to find the great river described by the Illinois Indians.

They reach the Mississippi on June 17, and the mouth of the Arkansas a month later, where they turn back after learning there are Spanish in the area of the present New Orleans.1680 - August 21; Pueblo Indians take possession of Santa Fe after driving out the Spanish.

The majority of the Munsee move north from Pennsylvania to settle in Canada.

A few rejoin the main group of Delaware.1754 - Delaware in western Pennsylvania join the Shawnee in raiding the settlements, more out of hatred of the English than love of the French.


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