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The biggest thing it adds, in my opinion is the feeling of wide support you feel when you smile, it allows for a more relaxed and natural feeling when doing the half smile, you end up smiling more and that does something to your confidence. I know now that it was because the canines were pulled back and I lost my frontal arch (lip support).

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I almost look younger than I did 4 years ago, and I’m 27 now.

Maybe those ignorant orthodontists still extracting teeth, should give this experiment a try.

From all that I went through, first hand experiencing the disastrous consequences of extraction orthodontics contributing to collapse of the face and massive toll on emotional health. Bicuspids should never ever be extracted to straighten the teeth Sutures DO NOT fuse in adults, PALATE SHOULD ALWAYS BE EXPANDED TO FIT THE TEETH In this membership post, I share some before & after pictures that show pretty staggering changes to my face as we reversed the damages.

Other option is to surgically cut the front part of the jaw and create a suture.

Well I expanded as much as I could and as much as needed to get the bicuspids back, so I moved on to the next phase. Interestingly, I expanded the upper palate much further than the lower palate. As we expand the upper palate further out, the lower jaw was able to slide forwards, which means it doesn’t have to expand as much as the upper because as it slides forwards, the posterior wider portion comes forwards to meet the top teeth.


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