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America couples dating soul mates

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Be it providence, the universe, or sheer chance, we some how came into contact with this counter-soul of ours between the ages of 18 and 30, we recognize the resonance of our beings, we begin dating, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Life happens, the honeymoon cascade wears off, and we face significant interpersonal, internal and relational difficulties.

We make some mistakes, we become disillusioned, and despair sets in. If soul-mates are supposed to live happily ever after, with only minimal difficulties or effort at making their marriage work, and if we all have a soul-mate somewhere in the world, then I must have married the wrong one!

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  1. In his review of “Soul Mates,” Peter Wehner discusses how to rebuild a marriage culture in 21st-century America, especially in black and Latino.

  2. When someone espouses a belief in "soul mates," this belief most often. during the dating phase of. Soul Mate" Beliefs and "Starter Marriages.

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