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The following Pretty Brown Eyes, while better, falls to the same foil.

The song, a duet with Trey Songz (who sounds quite good, actually), seems to be putting forth too much effort to be hard hitting, and consequently feels too forced.

Thankfully, the soulful More Than Love gets In Love & War back on track with ease.

Like on a handful of tracks from Because I Love It, More recalls nineties R&B, but here it has a more updated sound.

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Even though it’s ultimately the same ground already covered by her last album, the savvy production as well as Amerie’s theme of love gone wrong prevents it from ever getting boring.

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While since, she’s received her share of praise from critics, popularity past her biggest hit has mostly eluded her.

As Miss Amerie said herself, “Conceptually, I just really wanted to write about the tumultuous times of a relationship.

Not so much like everything is so perfect, but looking at the more imperfect sides of love and relationships…

…I was just thinking ‘the whole concept of love and war really encapsulates everything that I was trying to get across as far as a theme for the album.” Even without knowing her intent, the concept is highly noticeable, from the frustration sung over in the earlier tracks to the resignation in the closing ones.

With the exception of a small slump in the middle, In Love & War largely succeeds.


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