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Because of this retail activity, the market place was where people gathered, not only to trade or to make a business deal, but to socialise and to be entertained.

Sydney’s first markets were at Circular Quay, but in 1810, Governor Macquarie oversaw their relocation to a more central location further west along George Street, on the present site of the Queen Victoria Building. It was close to the wharves at Darling Harbour, especially the Market Wharf, where good transported by boat were unloaded.

New markets were established in the Haymarket area, but by the 1970s, these too were taking up prime land.

But Montorgueil is no collection of dusty relics from a bygone era it is alive and bustling with pedestrians: a father in his business suit walking his recommend, the chicken or the veal, or perhaps shell get some fish two shops down.

Apart from the locals, some tourists have made the pleasant discovery of Montorgueil on their own; perhaps, if they were lucky, they ended up in one of the many surprisingly inexpensive hotels in the neighbourhood.

Montorgueil is one of several streets that Paris has closed down to traffic, encouraging shopkeepers to display their wares on the sidewalks, and cafs to spread tables and chairs right out to the edge of the street.

Promoting a pedestrian culture in the heart of a bustling metropolis has the effect of slowing life down it is quieter without all the car engines, horns, and alarms, cleaner (those white cobblestones positively sparkle in the sun), and somehow even the air tastes better, although that might be an illusion overlapping from those other sensual pleasures.


  1. Architecture detail in Leadenhall Market, London · Leadenhall market, covered shopping arcade dating back to the 14th Century in the city of London · London Leadenhall market. No people - Stock Photo London Leadenhall market. No people · Leadenhall Market The City London - Stock Photo Leadenhall Market The City.

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  3. En “Arcade Dating” 0 likes. reageer. The Famous One. 1 juni 2006 om. Ik mis ' in dit overzicht. En trouwens niet alleen maar in dit overzicht. De mogelijkheden zijn veelbelovend en het is een perfecte opzet om met mensen in contact te komen ide de zelfde.

  4. The Romanesque church with three naves dates back to 12th Century, but was restructured several times and its original form has been deeply alterated the façade is characterized by an arcade dating to the original church, although it was enhanced in 1580 with elements from the Church of San Donato in Scopeto.

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