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Austin dating scene

Meanwhile, he tried to teach Ally how to slow dance, but then accidentally broke his ankle when she knocks the amp onto his leg.

Later, during the party, before he was about to perform, he decided not to when he sees that Ally is disappointed because Dallas doesn't want to dance with her, so he dances with her instead of performing (even though he might miss the chance of his first across-the-country-tour).

Austin is outgoing, super talented, and somewhat naive, but often nice.

Afterwards, Austin uses the money from the show to redecorate Ally's practice room, and ask her to become his music partner.

Ally says yes to the opportunity, and thus the partnership is born.

Austin hounds Ally to write another song for him after a month long wait.

Austin helps Ally get her fun beach juices flowing so she can write a good song for him.After being embarrassed, he realizes Ally does not like him and he tells her that he only freaked out because he didn't want their friendship to be ruined.When Austin told Ally he didn't like the song she wrote for him, they decided to hang out together more.In this episode, Austin sings the song, Heard It on the Radio.When Ally accidentally ruin Miss Suzy's soup, the whole gang which included Austin, makes a commercial with a jingle, hopefully it will help Miss Suzy get her customers back.Austin decided to put Ally's song on the radio after he heard her sing.He wanted people to know how talented Ally is but his plan backfires. He is a 17-year-old aspiring singer who became an overnight teen internet singing sensation when he uploaded a video of himself singing Double Take, written by Ally, and shot by Dez. He becomes an overnight internet sensation, and needs Ally to help him write another song for The Helen Show, to which she eventually agrees to. With his friends' help, Austin is following his dream of making it in the music business and so is Ally. Austin accidentally steals one of Ally's songs that she wrote and sings it in a music video that Dez records.When Austin got a chance to have his song Double Take in Shiny Money's rap, everyone got excited, but they soon realized that there is only one ticket, making everyone fighting for it.Austin realizes that they are being selfish, so he brought Nelson instead.


  1. Austin Nichols born April 24, 1980 is an American actor and director. Odd Man Out, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Family Law, Watching Ellie.

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