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A majority also say other relationship choices once deemed unacceptable are "fine," such as long-term partners living together without marriage (76%) and having children outside wedlock (53%).

But some things are "not fine" — such as sexually open marriages (in which partners agree that each may have extramarital sexual relationships); married couples sleeping in different bedrooms; married couples living in different homes and long-distance marriages in general."Everything that is 'not fine' has one element in common: a disruption of that profound connection," Fisher says.

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olympic champion to filthy coalburner ...quite a fall. To date there has never been a White female Olympic gold medalist who decided to mate with a monkey. Tower Heist movie premier , pm "I'm in NYC had a great time shooting with Under Armour yesterday and hitting the red carpet at the Tower Heist movie premier with fellow UA athlete Brandon Jennings." She was accompanying the Black to his Jewish directed "movie premiere". But we wrote it off as forced publicity by her media agents.

I just cannot fathom what in God's name she or any other White sees in these non-Whites. As for why she goes out with him given his history - once again, his bank balance.

Even if Tiger Woods' was White, just his history of being a male wh*re should be enough for ANY woman to stay clear and far from IT. She is probably not emotionally attached to him and therefore probably won't mind him cheating. to Edwin L James of the New York Times (1928) "[The Jewish nation] dares spread an irreconcilable hatred against all nations; it revolts against all its masters.

Los Angeles single Gabrielle Schacher, 31, an actor, says the responses make sense to her."In a marriage, it's inevitable you're going to grow — either together or apart," says Schacher, who did not participate in the survey.

"If you're trying to make a marriage work, you're more likely to grow apart if you're living in a separate place."Clinical psychologist Wendy Walsh of Los Angeles, who also wasn't involved with the survey, says findings seem to "correlate with all the research that shows people want bonded relationships that are based on love and healthy attachment.""While they may be shirking cultural convention, they still want love," she says.


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