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In all other cases, benefit can only be backdated for a maximum of one month from the date of your backdating request.

In order for a claim to be backdated we must be satisfied that: You will need to show continuous good cause for not claiming earlier.

For us to work out how much you will be entitled to, you will need to give us proof of your income, savings and rent for the period you want to claim.

You will be sent a letter telling you of our decision.This period begins from the date your request for a backdated claim is received by the Benefits Section.In order for a claim to be backdated, we must be satisfied that: For Pension Credit age customers, no good cause is required.For details of how to appeal see what are my rights of appeal?In most cases we pay your award from the Monday after we get your claim, but if you have a good reason for not claiming before we may be able to pay it from an earlier date.If you are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit and you are entitled from a date before you claimed, we will give you your award automatically.We do not need to know why you did not claim sooner to backdate your award.Once you have made your backdating request, we will make a decision based on the information you have given us. If we refuse your request for backdating, we will send you details of how to appeal.If you or you partner are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit, and qualify for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (or both), we can backdate your award up to 3 months before the date you made your claim (as long as you were entitled for that period).The more information and evidence you give in support of your claim, the quicker a decision can be made.It may be necessary to write to you for more information, or to ask you to come in for an informal interview.


  1. Backdating your claim. Usually a Council Tax Reduction claim is paid from the date it has been received. However, occasionally, some customers will want it paid from.

  2. Define backdate to put a date. The lead investigator, who was later fired for backdating a search warrant in a different murder case. or claim earlier than.

  3. If you need help paying your rent or council tax you may be able to make a benefit claim.

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