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Bakugan dating game

In the struggle, the prince dropped the book as they were all escorted out.

No-one noticed the faint glow of the large symbol on the floor...

He soon found out that the markings on the floor, were the elements of: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light and Dark. To learn more, he accessed records from the palace library, but their was nothing about the room or any of its mysterious past.

Taking a big risk, he asked his father about the image of the lizard he saw, including that he went inside it.

In doing so, a shape on the wall was slightly pushed into the wall itself.

Upon inspecting it, he realized that this image didn't match any of the hieroglyphics he learned in his lessons.

This will be a continuation of Bakugan: True Evil, so stay tuned! a race of strange and amazing creatures from another dimension on a planet known as, Vestroia. In truth, 2008 was the first appearance of these creatures.

They resemble animals we all know in our world, both real and myth, and come in all shapes and sizes. But the true meeting between Bakugan and human, happened over 5,000 years ago, in a time and place that still amazes us to this day... In this land of sand and triangular buildings, kings known as Pharaohs ruled over this land.

This set a course for the future, where Bakugan nowadays play a big part in our lives. But that's another story, lets focus on why you truly came to this page, shall we? C., there was a young prince who lived in the royal palace alongside his father, the king of that time.Suddenly, it fell behind the wall and caused a chain reaction.Bricks moved slowly behind one another, kinda how the wall to "Diagon Alley" from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone" opened, revealing a secret passageway.Bakugan: TE Sequel is an upcoming crossover Fanfiction written by Bakuganman.Featuring new adventures', returning minor characters from the main amine series, and power levels higher than ever before (not infinite power, just higher numbers XD)!He was also very curious about everyone and everything; like how/why his father flooded the Nile River at different times instead of on the same day each year, or why some parts of the palace were off-limits... The prince obeyed his father to the best of his ability, but their was one passageway in particular that caught his curious gaze.A pair of guards would often be placed by the Pharaoh to guard a wall that didn't seem too important, other than the fact it had hieroglyphics.But he wasn't going to give up so easily, and came up with a new plan.Because of the long hours the guards would be posted there, he would often bring them water and food, earning their trust.Instead of a cat, dog, human, human with a dog head, human with a cat head, bird, etc.; this particular picture appeared to be a lizard standing on 2 legs with a pair of wings where its forelegs should be.It was so small that he had to squint in order to make it out clearly.


  1. Shun Kazami He is a strong, silent, cool type 13-year-old. Power level 500 GS Overus The legendary Ventus Bakugan.

  2. Pick a number, 1-11, and that will be yoru date!

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