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From there, sifted, ground almonds and powdered sugar are folded in slowly until the desired consistency is reached.This process of knocking out air and folding is called macaronage.The meringue and almond paste are mixed together to form the macaron mixture.This method is often deemed more structurally sound yet also sweeter and also requires a candy thermometer for the sugar syrup.The name is derived from the Italian word , the meringue.

There are two main methods to making a macaron - the "French" method and the "Italian" method.In a Slate article on the topic, Stanford professor of linguistics and computer science Dan Jurafsky indicates that "macaron" (also, "macaron parisien", or "le macaron Gerbet") is the correct spelling for the confection.Macarons have been produced in the Venetian monasteries since the 8th century A. During the Renaissance, Catherine de' Medici's Italian pastry chefs made them when she brought them with her to France in 1533 upon marrying Henry II of France.There is also a version of the same name which substitutes peanut flour for almond and is flavored in wagashi style, widely available in Japan.The "makaron" is featured in Japanese fashion through cell phone accessories, stickers, and cosmetics aimed towards women.They became known as the 'Macaron Sisters' (Les Soeurs Macarons).In 1952, the city of Nancy honored them by giving their name to the Rue de la Hache, where the macaron was invented.It is said that the abbess of Remiremont founded an order of nuns called the "Dames du Saint-Sacrement" with strict dietary rules prohibiting the consumption of meat.Two nuns, Sisters Marguerite and Marie-Elisabeth are credited with creating the Nancy macaron to fit their dietary requirements.The related macaroon is often confused with the macaron.In English, most bakers have adopted the French spelling of macaron for the meringue-based item, to distinguish the two.


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