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The Vodafone Literacy App Sadly, there are millions of illiterate people in Egypt.Looking to help solve this troubling issue is a new app developed by Vodafone, which aims to eradicate the country's soaring illiteracy rate, allowing illiterate adults to learn to read and write in their own time, and in conjunction with their daily commitments.Looking to make finding that contact easier is Kablao!, which conveniently places all your contacts social media handles in one place, allowing to you contact them quicker and put them in touch with other contacts at a swipe of a touch screen.How will you make sure that your prayers are received if you have no idea what direction to pray in?Well that is when downloading Al Qibla app comes in handy as it works as a compass using your phone's GPS.

New to Egypt, many are already claiming that the fares are a lot cheaper than regular cabs, and is automatically charged to your credit, freeing you from having to negotiate a price that isn’t literal highway robbery.

We assume you already have this app, but if you don’t DOWNLOAD IT NOW, and thanks us later.

Tripadvisor Sometimes the price of a night stay in Egypt will cost you more if you book in person or by phone.

Well download Tuk Tuk Drift, an authentic Cairo-based game that allows you to weave through traffic like a true Egyptian even if you are stuck in it.

Uber Changing the taxi game globally is Uber, the app that will find the nearest professional driver to your location and send him your way.


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