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Blocking unwanted mails and updating by consolidating

The fact is that as long as junk mails has at least a tiny degree of effectiveness, say 0.0001%, spam will continue to be sent in millions and billions of copies.

The email protocol was invented by scientists and it could never occur to them that someone would be sending all those car insurance quotes, loans, mortgage rates, pills and diets to unknown people.

At that, there is no need to enter sub-domains or use wild characters such as an asterisk (*).

E-mail messages from anyone on these two lists will never be considered spam regardless of their content. If the junk mail filter mistakenly considers a legitimate message from a particular sender to be spam, you can add the sender (or the entire domain) to the Safe Senders List. If your e-mail account is configured to receive mail only from trusted senders and you don't want to miss a single message sent to this email address, you can add such address (or domain) to your Safe Recipients list.

The point is that even good messages may occasionally get to the Junk mail folder (especially if you opted for the High protection level) and if you choose to permanently delete suspected junk messages, then you won't have any chance to find and recover a message mistakenly treated as junk.

So, you'd better leave this option unchecked and periodically look through the Junk e-mail folder.

I check it at the end of my work day to make sure I've covered everything.

If you spot a legitimate message among junk emails, you can right click it and choose from the context menu.


  1. Jan 8, 2014. The guide walks you through the steps of filtering emails on Yahoo Mail, or blocking email addresses and thus emails from those addresses. They are rejected and therefore do not land in your inbox, spam folder or any other folder that you may have created. Update The new interface looks like this.

  2. Aug 25, 2017. Many times, you will notice misspellings like "Unlook" or "Necesary", which are usually purposely used to beat anti-spam filters looking for specific words. Eventually, our spam-filtering services will tune to these new scams and block them, but spammers are continually updating their emails to temporarily.

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