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Bob dylan dating history

An early working title for this song was "Freeze Out." Dylan was known to be living in the city in the autumn of 1965.It's possible to imagine the feeling of riding out the night of the blackout in a cold apartment building surrounded by the eeriness of the dark, power-deprived city.

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A few psychedelic experiences and they think they've seen it all, know all the secrets of the universe, and are going to let you know, at length.

it is perhaps garcia's most emotional performane both vocally and musically.

stunning and errily hauntingjerry garcia, god bless, loved this song. Dylan sporadically entered and exited characters through out his writings often at a whim.

This is what new york represents and always will: the heart breaking power that dreams play on reality. In this context when dylan is commenting on himself he rips himself to shreds. I think the song should not be taken out of context and broken down. Its a beautifull song, I named one of my daughters Johanna in appreciation of this song.

Many years later I had the privilage to see dylan sing this song at Manchesters best version of this song is on the grateful dead's ''fallout from the philzone'' live album.


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