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  3. D, --depends-on Display the list of packages depended on by each matched package. Equivalent to. pkg-repo8, pkg-rquery8, pkg-set8, pkg-shell8, pkg-shlib8, pkg-ssh8, pkg-stats8, pkg-update8, pkg-updating8, pkg-upgrade8, pkg-version8, pkg-which8 FreeBSD 11.1 November 18, 2014 FreeBSD 11.1.

  4. When used in combination with -d or -r, indicate which packages, dependencies or require- ments are locked by '*'. Locking. pkg-set8, pkg-shell8, pkg-shlib8, pkg-ssh8, pkg-stats8, pkg-update8, pkg-updating8, pkg-upgrade8, pkg-version8, pkg-which8 FreeBSD 11.1 December 1, 2014 FreeBSD 11.1.

  5. Feb 12, 2018. Delete automatically installed packages. pkg autoremove. Delete outdated cached packages. pkg clean. Show repository stats. pkg stats. Find installed package by filename. pkg which filepath. Show vulnerable installed packages. pkg audit -F. Show special updating instructions. pkg updating.

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