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Bsd updating source

We will cover how to install using the command, how to customize your applications, and how to leverage some common tools to make ports maintenance easier.

In order to follow along with this guide, you should have access to a Free BSD 10.1 server and a non-root user account with privileges.

In contrast, optional software is managed using different processes, tools, and locations within the filesystem.

Unlike software from the base system, optional software is configured within the directory.

Free BSD provides two sanctioned methods for downloading and installing additional software onto the system.

The ports system, which we will be describing in this guide, is managed through a filesystem hierarchy located at that categorizes each available piece of software that Free BSD knows how to build.

A large contribution to this reputation comes from Free BSD's supported method for installing software from source, known as the ports system.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the benefits of the ports system and will demonstrate how to use it to acquire and manage additional software.

The "Change" timestamp will be the last time that the file was synced to your server.

The easiest way of searching for an application is by name using the command.

This will search for the command on your system and within the ports tree.

This guide can assist you in logging into your Free BSD server and setting up a reasonable working environment.

The Free BSD team maintains the base Free BSD operating system as a coherent unit.


  1. Source model Open source Latest. Neither the DesktopBSD nor PC-BSD projects intend to rival each other and are completely independent. installing and updating.

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