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Regardless of all the jokes, these two are definitely the best of friends, and after seeing their antics while on this press tour, I cannot wait to see Fat Amy and Bumper get the love story that they deserve.

You can’t have all that effort go to waste with her dating – or marrying – a democrat!

Pitch Perfect 2 comes out on Friday, May 15, and I am personally so excited, given my slight obsession with a cappella groups and most of the actors in this movie.

There are some new Bellas this time around, including Hailee Steinberg and Chrissie Fit, but I have to say that Fat Amy is the Bella who really steals my heart.

Although they starred together in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy and Bumper Allen, Wilson and Devine had previously worked together and they became really close right away.

Wilson told People, "Actually, before you'd seen us in ...

I see people with those christian bumper stickers flip other drivers off, and I see them smoke or just overall look trashy.

I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself like that, because I promise you that if someone is waiting for me to screw up they won't have to wait very long! He has limited visibility to the rear and side on the right side.

I took it upon myself to look into their relationship and it seems like these two are the best of friends and have shared some pretty sweet and funny moments with each other.

I put a bumper sticker on it saying "UNION MADE" to tweak the many UAW autoworkers here into thinking beyond their own little world.

It's also accurate - Volvos are made by autoworkers represented by the Guethenburg Metalworkers' Union, a much more effective union than the American UAW. I especially dislike christian bumper stickers (not because I am against christians,) but when anyone sees a "christian" bumper sticker, they automatically look at them and wait for them to screw up.

She's brash, unapologetically confident, and in the sequel, seems to have found her match in Bumper Allen.

The two had that kind of elementary flirting thing going on in the first film, but the chemistry was undeniably there, so I wonder if actors Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine are friends in real life?


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