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Bungie net reach model not updating

Yes, the extra wait sucks, but at least those of you with powerful gaming rigs will be able to play it at a solid 60fps.

Bungie.net, the company's official website, which includes company information, forums, and statistics-tracking and integration with many of its games.

PC players may be a bit sore about having to wait longer to play Destiny 2 compared to console gamers.

However, there is some good news for mouse and keyboard fans: You can now link your Blizzard account to a profile. Okay, that's not as good as getting your hands on the sequel to the intergalactic grind-fest as soon as everyone else, but it has its benefits.

Bungie also has an i OS and Google Play application that allows stat-tracking for their game One of the first things [Microsoft] tried after acquiring Bungie, after first attempting to fully assimilate them, was to move Bungie into a standard Microsoft building with the rest of the game group.

But unlike the rest of the teams they'd brought in previously, Bungie didn't move into Microsoft corporate offices – we tore all of the walls out of that section of the building and sat in a big open environment.

The game was not finished until December 14, 1994; Jones and a few other employees spent a day at a warehouse assembling boxes so that some of the orders could be filled before Christmas.

The game's volume of orders was unprecedented for the studio, who found that its old method of mail or phone orders could not scale to the demand and hired another company to handle the tens of thousands of orders.

When Bungie was bought by Microsoft, the site was originally seen as in competition with Microsoft's own site, but community management eventually won out as the bigger concern.

Authenticating your account lets you sign into the services that offers, which should appeal to the Blizzard faithful and newcomers alike.

These include access to the Bungie forums, special offers, and the ability to redeem codes for special in-game items, like emblems.

The reasons for Bungie accepting Microsoft's offer were varied.

Jones stated that "I don't remember the details exactly, it was all a blur.


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