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Buying a house that needs updating

Did he say what kind of repairs he thought it needed? I mean, to some that would be k worth of work to others it might be closer to k. Also, be aware that if the repairs are too significant, you might be looking at other repairs being necessary (some foundation repairs can damage pipes or sewer lines that would then need to be fixed, or it might cause cosmetic damage to walls, windows, etc).Having just recently purchased a home (and looking and looking and looking), I know it can be a tiring, frustrating experience, but if you have misgivings, be sure to get the information that will either clear them up or help you decide to move on. The realitor does not care about the house just the money.Also, most quality foundation repair companies will guarentee the no further problems for 10-15 years. If you like the house and can negotiate all of the terms you want I would go for it.

Do you feel it hasn't ruined the value of the home or caused any other damage? After doing A LOT of research, we determined that resale value would be fine and we could live with what may happen in the future.

Hi Calandra, Foundation problems are very common here in Texas.

However, you should negotiate that the seller fix the problem, not give you an allowance to fix it yourselves.

A lifetime transferable warranty doesn't do very much good if the company goes out of business so check with the local BBB to see about complaints and find out the history of whatever company is doing the work to find out their reputation and how long they've been in business.

I've lived in Texas all my life and unless the house is built on rock or has piers down to the bedrock before the foundation is laid you will have some foundation issues.


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