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Canadian dating traditions in canada

) bottle of bourbon upside-down at or near the site where they’ll say their vows.This must be done one month before the wedding in order to ward off rain on the wedding day and, whether the weather plays along or not, the bourbon will be dug up, shared, and enjoyed during the reception.At the reception, a guest will grab a big bowl or a hat and shout ‘THE BRIDE IS FOR SALE.’ He then puts money in the bowl, passes it on, and starts to dance with the bride.Everyone who adds money has a turn at dancing with the bride, until the groom wants a go.Then, the groom must perform tasks in front of all the guests to win his bride back – he might have to sketch a picture of her, or write a heartfelt poem, anything to prove his love!Meanwhile, the bride is kept entertained by the groomsmen giving her liquor.To this day, many wedding venues still leave their doors open.

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Up until 1994, it was illegal to get married in a venue that had a closed front door!After the wedding, the handkerchief is framed and displayed on the wall – until the next family wedding, when it is given to the next bride to embroider with her name.In this fashion, it passes from generation to generation, becoming a beloved family heirloom in the process.A few days before the wedding, there is the ‘Blackening of the Bride,’ where the bride (and sometimes the groom) are ‘captured’ by friends and family, covered in filthy things like beer, treacle, spoiled fish, feathers, and flour, then paraded through the streets for all to see.The plan is that, if they can get through this trial, marital strife will be a breeze!After the wedding, everyone typically goes to the groom’s house.Hanging over the doorway is a white ceramic bell filled with rice, flour, and other different types of grain – all of which represent abundance.The theory was that anyone who wished to object must have easy access to the ceremony.This complicated marrying at sea: you could only marry on a ship if it was docked and the gangplank was down.The groom’s family must try and protect the shoes at all costs – and so the battle of the families begins!If the bride’s family gets away with the shoes, the groom must pay to ransom them back. Instead, the single women at the wedding gather around the wedding cake, which has several ribbons sticking out of it.


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