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Capture nx updating image capture nx updating image

Your digital camera uses a similar technique—and a lot of math—to calculate the correct color of each pixel.

Every photosite on your camera’s sensor is covered with a colored filter—red, green, or blue.

Just like a piece of film, an image sensor is light sensitive, be it a CCD (charge-coupled device) or CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor ) chip.Light mixes together in an additive process; as you mix more light, the light gets brighter until it ultimately turns white.In 1869, James Clerk Maxwell and Thomas Sutton performed an experiment to test a theory about a way of creating color photographs.If you have a Nikon camera that can shoot raw files, then Capture NX provides you with some important additional tools that will allow you to perform edits on your raw files and to maintain a level of quality, that simply can’t be achieved when shooting in JPEG or TIFF mode.In this chapter we’re going to look at Capture NX’s raw processing capabilities.To interpret the image captured by the sensor, the voltage of each photosite is measured and then converted to a digital value, thus producing a digital representation of the pattern of light that fell on the sensor’s surface.Measuring the varying amounts of light that were focused onto the surface of the sensor (a process called , values that have struck the image sensor.By comparison, your digital camera requires a large number of sophisticated technologies.Packed with everything from light-sensitive imaging chips to custom amplifiers to onboard computers and removable storage technologies, there’s a lot going on in even the smallest digital camera.Just as film photographers of old had an in-depth understanding of the imaging properties of their films and chemistries, digital photographers can benefit from a deeper knowledge of how their camera works.From one perspective, there’s very little difference between a digital camera and a film camera.


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