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Capture nx updating image

They both use a lens to focus light through an aperture and a shutter onto a focal plane.The only detail that makes a camera a camera is that the focal plane holds a digital image sensor rather than a piece of film.They shot three black-and-white photographs of a tartan ribbon.For each photo they fixed their camera with a separate colored filter: one red, one blue, and one green.You can’t change the image sensor if you don’t like the quality of its output.

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One downside to digital photography is that the actual imaging technology is a static, unchangeable part of your camera.What’s more, ink pigments mix together in a subtractive process.As you mix more ink colors, your result gets darker until the ink turns black.If you’ve ever bought paint at a hardware store, or if you learned about the color wheel in grade school, you might already know that you can mix together a few primary colors of ink pigments to create every other color.Light works the same way, but the primary colors of ink are cyan, magenta, and yellow, whereas the primary colors of light are red, green, and blue.Just as film photographers of old had an in-depth understanding of the imaging properties of their films and chemistries, digital photographers can benefit from a deeper knowledge of how their camera works.From one perspective, there’s very little difference between a digital camera and a film camera.Light mixes together in an additive process; as you mix more light, the light gets brighter until it ultimately turns white.In 1869, James Clerk Maxwell and Thomas Sutton performed an experiment to test a theory about a way of creating color photographs.If you have a Nikon camera that can shoot raw files, then Capture NX provides you with some important additional tools that will allow you to perform edits on your raw files and to maintain a level of quality, that simply can’t be achieved when shooting in JPEG or TIFF mode.In this chapter we’re going to look at Capture NX’s raw processing capabilities.


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