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I wanted to bind an input box or something to a paged grid so I new what the whole record set size was not just the number of pages.Well Bruce, I have to say, from around the CF community, you have taken the CFGrid example to the next level, wow.Maybe there is a way to place employee outside of this application folder and reference it there. It's amazing what can be accomplished in so little code. If I place my file along with my inside a folder called, "/user/employees.cfm" and then place my employee on the root...(any idea of the syntax to reference a CFC that's up one folder? Inside I can update the reference to the cfc with a leading slash as shown below and it will work properly since the will not interfere:bind="cfc:/employee get Data( ...(rest of the path is the same)Based on this example, it could be placed in any other folder outside of my application folder.Please note that in this example code, I'm not validating the user's input. Also read through the cfgrid examples posted on Ray Camden's blog.

You can fill out the new employee form and insert the data into the data provider.

The grid showing the employees will be refreshed and display the new employee.

If you want to change any of the values shown in the current form you can click on a field's value and type in a new value.

After upgrading our shared hosting server from CF9 to CF11 all of our grids broke. javascript Data: tbar.add( , , ,'-- With which specific version of Ext JS 4.x are you seeing this?

I've managed to get the toolbars back with several form elements but those elements' values are not getting passed to the CFC to filter the grid data. I don't know much about Cold Fusion, but is it possible updating your server changed the way the data is provided to the grid?


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