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Chris isaak dating now

You'll sing to me about everything.' And I said, 'You tell me what you want to talk about and I'll sing to you."' His fans, of course, don't care that he's a poor communicator in real life.

This is made abundantly clear the night of our interview, when Isaak performs for an invitation-only cocktail party in a bar high above East Circular Quay.

(Bridget Fonda's cameos as his girlfriend were notable for the fact that she lasted for more than one episode.), is of a hotel room complete with bar fridge, hastily packed overnight bag and a note that reads "Check out, 12, sound check, 3-5, no dinner, after show, 1000 miles to Stockton"). What else could there possibly be left to say on the subject of heartbreak? And that stuff is usually written and sung by people who a lot of times are travelling around, living in hotel rooms, living on their own." Isaak has lived a peripatetic existence since leaving home at the age of 24 with hopes of forming a band.

"It's just, you know, anybody who's got half a brain, you're going to look around you and think about what it all means," he says. His mother worked in a potato-chip factory in Stockton, southern California; his father was a forklift driver.

The answer seems to lie in his excitement about a coming gig at the Fox Theatre in his hometown.

"It apparently increases oxygen flow to the baby and can increase its IQ by four points," he says.

Could the man who has spent the past 26 years writing a virtual soundtrack for , say it all - have finally found true love and be preparing for a brood of his own?

The youngest among his three brothers, he is from Stockton, California.

His mother, Dorothy worked in a potato chip factory and his father, Joe Isaak, was a forklift driver.


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