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As soon as he steps off the stage, having crooned in perfect pitch alongside his bandmate of 20 years, drummer Kenney Dale Johnson, the small group - about 20 people who have won entrance to the party through a radio station contest - swarms on him.

What they lack in numbers, they make up for in enthusiasm.

It reminds me of a remark he made earlier in the evening: "You start to realise ... " ABOUT CHRIS ISAAK * 1956: Dorothy Isaak gives birth to her son in California, while singing .

"It's just, you know, anybody who's got half a brain, you're going to look around you and think about what it all means," he says. His mother worked in a potato-chip factory in Stockton, southern California; his father was a forklift driver."Dearest darling," it began, "Don't know what to say. I hope she hears it someday." But why use songs instead of talking directly to Chang? "I have this [my music] as a way to get through some things that are hard for me ...I'm in the airport in the morning or else in this cheesy hotel in the middle of the night and all I think about is you ... I used to sit and my girlfriend used to sit and I would play my guitar and sing to her and she'd say, 'How come we don't talk about these things?The '80s were a blur of small-club dates and hovering in cold doorways waiting for his set to begin; the '90s a mixture of big stadium gigs and periodic acting bouts, in films such as (as a yuppie father of a potential lama).Isaak is back in Australia again - the 10th time in as many years - and set to return in November for a tour to support the new album. Rather memorably, he released the song , on his 1995 album of the same name after his break-up with long-time girlfriend and one-time manager Sonya Chang, and included a hand-written letter to her in it. Eleven years later, the saga continues in the new album, with the liner notes featuring the inscription: "This song started as a letter to my ex, not a song.He was, he says, driven by "this something in me trying to get out".And there was the legacy of his father, who was jailed at 18 for armed robbery, and whom Isaak says "never had a lucky break in his life".Chris Isaak is an American actor and rock musician.He was born on June 26, 1956, and his current age is 60."Waiting," he says, giving me a sideways glance, his thick shock of brown hair standing on end as if to punctuate his point.To this, he adds later: "The only thing I want more than getting married is not to get divorced. Like, I'll take tremendous risks on a lot of things ... I see people do that and I go, 'How do they suffer through that?


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