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Clean and sober dating

and not let my past (well, present) issues get in the way?

should i come right out and say it- about my past drug and alcohol abuse and addictions, under the assumption that if he's the one for me he'll at least accept it and stay in my life?

But unfortunately, I've had so much on my mind around him and our relationship, I sort of avoided him for around 2 weeks or more lately.i'm still drawn to other drug and alcohol users (and not only in the casual/recreational sense) for partners because i suppose they'll just be able to understand it all on a deeper level than others ever could..maybe with two addicts..risk too much instability...i guess i'm still attracted to that grim, darkness of addiction.even though it was what- in many ways- ruined by life, to be with a fellow addict would let me partake in some sick thrill.Getting clean and sober after years of using alcohol or drugs to deaden pain and hide behind can be an exhilarating experience. For some it is like coming out of a cocoon or being reborn.The world looks new, the future bright, and you are beginning to feel things you haven’t been able to feel for a long, long time.What do you think about relationships in recovery for the newcomer?so, recently, there's a guy in my life who seems to be just perfect in every way.he asked me if it was because i had been drinking..all of a sudden i got super defensive and wondered why he'd ask me that..later explained that since i was at a party the night before and complained of feeling so sick and out of it the next morning, he just assumed that there could've been alcohol involved.i lied and said "i don't drink," and how (comically and ironically) i was "so straight edge now." but of course he had to catch on to that nuance aswell and ask "so you used to ? " aside: its funny people always link (most) drugs and alcohol with clubs, raves, being the life of the party, and while i may've been able to find drugs and alcohol AT parties, for the most part, my addictions found me more isolated than I had ever been, just alone in my room...While it is a good sign that you want to share all the new things you are feeling with someone, you need to be sharing those things with those who have gone through this same thing, who understand both your eagerness to rejoin life and your need to take care of yourself.Another reason why entering a new relationships in recovery early on is bad is because you still need to learn coping skills that will allow you to deal with stress, disappointment, and problems without turning to those drugs or that alcohol you once leaned on.


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