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College sex and dating

College students arrive to campus from all walks of life. Continue reading to learn about keeping healthy relationships during college, including safe sex and sexual health tips and resources to help you navigate the turbulent times.

Some plan to stay together with their partner from home. Media depictions of college tend to leave people with the impression that everyone is having sex and dating, and that pursuing someone even after they tell you “no” is romantic. Instead, students’ social experiences in colleges are as diverse as the students themselves.

Generally speaking, no, but talk to your doctor about it if you are prescribed antibiotics.

Some specific prescriptions, like those used to treat meningitis and tuberculosis, are known to hinder The Pill’s effectiveness.

Bedsider, a website that promotes sexual health and knowledge, offers a useful guide for talking to insurance companies about EOBs (even though Bedsider calls it a “girls’ guide,” guys will find this information handy as well).

Beyond EOBs, most states have laws and regulations that assure individuals aged 13 and older can get STD and STI tests without their parents being informed.

“Pulling out,” also known as the “withdrawal method,” involves removing the penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation in the hopes of preventing any sperm from entering the vaginal canal.

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Scarleteen’s “Buddy System” gives an extensive breakdown of the effectiveness of different contraceptive combinations.

Unfortunately pulling out is significantly less effective than other contraceptives like the pill and condoms.

Sperm may be present in pre-ejaculate and the timing can be difficult to perfect.

The effect that other antibiotics have on birth control varies from user to user.

The first step to finding a doctor is to make sure that your insurance provides coverage where you are.


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  2. May 19, 2014. Professor Kerry Cronin argues that the exercise will teach college kids ingrained in the so-called “hookup culture” the lost art of dating. A 1967 study by the Institute for Sex Research found that 68% of college men and 44% of college women reported having engaged in premarital sex—around the same.

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