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Ken made a face that looked as though he was participating in the Lemon Challenge.“I don’t appreciate anyone updating classics,” he grumbled—and in many ways, I agree with him.I could do without Shakespeare set in the Old West and other such flights of fancy usually implemented more as a gimmick than to make a statement, but when someone successfully adapts the timeless humanity of Chekhov to show how little has changed for our troubled species in the last 100 years or resets Romeo and Juliet as a turfwar between the Jets and Sharks in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, I am onboard bigtime.More than that, long before I played the father of Tessa Thompson in Charles Mee’s overlooked treasure Summertime at this same theatre, also directed by the Boston Court’s co-artistic director Michetti during their first year of operation, I have been a great supporter of colorblind casting.Louis Cathedral’s richly resonant bells (which Blanche notes as the only “clean thing in the Quarter”), the same bells that last month lulled my boyfriend and me to sleep nightly from our garret at the Place d’Armes facing the Cathedral’s spires looming above the Presbytere.

The word lluvia evokes to the quenching spirit of rain here and water is a main theme in Luzia, magically cascading from the highest point at times in the performance to augment the traditional trapeze and cyr wheel acts, as well as at one point creating astounding huge Mexican folk cut paper-like designs appearing in the flow from above and reinventing how we welcome in the admirably animal-free circus bigtop in the teens of our troubled new millennium.As their unwelcomed guest Blanche starts melodiously ordering her little sister on endless errands, asking her to go out the drugstore to fetch her a lemon coke or calls out for her to bring her a fresh towel as she commanders the bathroom and languishes in her hot tub for hours, the relationship between the uber-white alpha and her long-accommodating black sibling offers a brand new twist.“I love waiting on you, Blanche,” Stella tells her at one point, here played with more than a passing hint of irony.Starting with sadsack Dutch clown Eric Fool Koller, who descends in skydiving gear as though freefalling from the highest point of the Grand Chapiteau to begin the aforementioned dream state, the uniquely imagined images of Luzia—the title itself an amalgam of luz, the Spanish word for light, fused with lluvia, the word for rain—spring onto Eugenio Caballero’s Wizard of Oz-meets-Pee-Wee’s Playhouse of a set in rapid succession.As our bewildered guide turns a giant steampunk-ian key located within the enveloping field of yellow marigolds which have softened his 62-foot fall from the tent’s highest mast, the wonders of his trip through Day of the Dead-inspired folk-psychedelica come to life as the sounds of Simon Carpentier’s almost mystically poetic musical score, a perfect amalgam of traditional Mexican music and modern rock interpretations, fills the tent from all directions.Sometimes, however, I must admit I personally am slightly less amazed than I would be if it what was unfolding before me, amazing though it may be, was all new to me.But there’s something truly fresh and incredibly special about Luzia as it celebrates the rich and vibrant traditions of our usurped neighbors of the south, something long overdue as we assimilate their signature culture in everything we do and touch in the Southland.Why, even Blanche's doomed radio is tuned into WWOZ.With two translucent plastic shower curtains separating the Elysian Field flat’s two rooms to make the living conditions between the Kowalskis and Sister Blanche even more of a powerkeg than ever, as well as an open view of Eunice and Steve (Mariana Marroquin and Joma Saenz) dirty dancing in their flat right above their heads, the tenuous world of Streetcar emerges with surprising new clarity.Wardell, I know, would be more than thrilled; I can just hear him intone “Whhhaaaat? Outlaw only warms things up for what is about to unfold.It’s a brave new world as Stella (Maya Lynne Robinson) shows Blanche (Jaimi Paige) the photo of her uniformed husband on her cellphone and the couple’s meager Ikea-reject furnishings look as though purchased at a post-Katrina garage sale in the Ninth Ward.


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  2. Is essentially a love story – Darrieux plays a game of limited commitment, but the rules are shattered when she falls. meaning jock, Jessica as the counter-culture, cynical lesbian who gets herself kicked out and sent to. keeping a job at a hamburger joint and has pronounced relationship issues with his girlfriend. Film.

  3. May 30, 2009. And though neither of them had played these songs with me before -- and Lynn had only just listened to them earlier that morning -- it felt like we were a. We've just learned that Dom DeLuise -- who starred in such classics as "The Cannonball Run" and "Spaceballs" -- died last night in a Los Angeles.

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