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Contract cleaners validating poor performance

Pre-operational cleaning and sanitizing is a key part of any sanitation program.Though such statements are not (or shouldn’t be) new thoughts in any plant, "what we see more than anything is they can have a reasonably well-designed program, then they just fail to do it." Petersen says.

Defined as "microorganisms that normally spend a substantial part of their lifecycle outside human hosts, but when introduced to humans cause disease with measurable frequency" ["From Outside to Inside: Environmental Microorganisms as Human Pathogens"; American Academy of Microbiology], environmental pathogens are endemic to food plants.

It’s those who are not even looking for it that have the problems," he says, adding that those who never find LM are probably not doing a good enough job looking for it.

Of all food safety strategies, he adds, the search and destruction of LM is one of the best.

l A comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program which addresses environmental hazards then forms the beams and girders to tie it all together. Do you continually look for environmental pathogens?

What do you do to mitigate the situation if and when it is found? One way to look at overall sanitation needs in a plant is to wrap a plant’s SSOPs around FDA’s sanitation control procedures in 21 CFR, Part 123.11.


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