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Country reality dating show

New York Goes to Work is a reality VH1 series that first premiered on May 4, 2009.This follow-up of New York Goes to Hollywood stars Tiffany "New York" Pollard as she tries to find a ...Where other reality shows sacrifice camera work to capture the drama, seems more concerned with getting the lighting just right to get the prettiest shot of a couple’s first date or a close-up of a particularly delicious meal one of the residents is cooking.

And it takes that observing part very seriously: This is a show that is more about dissecting mostly mundane interactions between normal people than it is about explosive fights or scandalous hookups. Everything, including the housemates themselves, who dress with the same kind of understated style you’d see in a Muji store (it helps that many of them model at least part-time), is damn pleasing to look at.Because kissing and even hand-holding generally don’t happen until after a couple makes it official (usually with a , or confession of love, after which the couple is effectively going steady), these dates become all about analyzing the minute details of their interactions. She must really like him if she’s willing to touch his oozing wound! Since Terrace House doesn’t have confessional interviews, we don’t get any extra insight into what the residents are thinking or feeling.) Which brings us to one of the most crucial and entertaining aspects of this show … Thankfully, though, a group of six Japanese commentators — a mix of comedians, actors, and other on-air personalities — check in periodically throughout the episode to discuss their feelings and crack jokes.-Looking at the end of the episode when that one chick made that nasty-ass chicken, I looked at how Flav greeted the women he kept.When he gave Red Oyster her clock, they hugged and he was slappin and grabbin on that booty.She did NOT want to be there after he said that, and it was funny as hell!That added with the fact she is a personality on WWE or whatever it is, you already know she wouldn't be trying to really be with Flav even if she won.(^u^)On the other hand, it looks like all the contestants on the show are either people already in the entertainment industry who are just doing the show for exposure, and all the rest are hookers & strippers.What I can say so far of what I notice pretty clearly: -Though Smiley is one of the best-looking women on the show (at least from the waist-up anyway), you already know she isn't serious about even winning this event to really be involved with Flav.like is said before, 2 types of people on this show: people in entertainment just trying to get exposure, and hookers & strippers. (haha) she's probably screwing him behind closed doors too which is why she made it so far on the show.When it's all said and done, it would be cool if Goldie ended up winning the whole thing.


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