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Cuckold husbands free chat

At that moment he stepped back, suddenly, and I was startled and somewhat taken aback as my breath caught in my throat - thinking he had changed his mind.Then he peeled off his shirt and pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. Handsome and smiling at me; muscular, dark skinned, big hand, dark nipples, sexy lips, fierce eyes, strong legs and a big, thick cock that was pointing straight at me! I felt a hot rush run through my body as he smiled that million dollar smile and stepped toward me. ” I nodded my head and told him “I think I am more ready!I had, of course, noticed what a thick bulge he had and knew that it was going to be much more than I ever had before. Not long after that he asked in a conversation if I had ever been with a black man. Shortly after that he got more physical as far as touching me and leaving his hand to linger on my arm, or holding my hand or putting his hand on my back as we walked along. Now, we were not supposed to have much physical contact - house rules - so we had to be careful.One day while we were close and talking, he leaned over and kissed me.Even though both of us were wearing jeans, I’m sure I could feel the heat of it.We broke our kiss and went inside, hoping that we looked like nothing happened, and he was holding his coat over his pants to hide his erection. When I got back to my room I had to change my wet panties…Not sure where in the middle of all of that he started to fantasize about me being with a black man, but the questions and suggestions got more and more frequent.

Wasn’t long before I could feel his thick cock pressing against me.I guess the story of how we started in this “Lifestyle” is not different than many we have heard.About 10 years ago I started finding interracial porn on Tom’s computer and a little while after that I started noticing that there were always black men in the porn flicks we would watch together and he would make a point of asking me if I like the black men and then he started asking if I thought I would like black cock.I started dressing in more revealing clothes, and it was two days later when it finally happened.I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and when I came out there he was!While I was there I started talking to a 30 year old black man, who was very handsome and charming.He made me laugh, I felt comfortable talking to him and he had a powerful muscular body that made me yearn to get my hands on him!But WAIT, I had never had a dick that size, would I be able to take it?Suddenly I was afraid that it would hurt too bad or he would not be gentle with me…then my hand found the bulge in his shorts and it felt hard as a rock and I could feel the heat from it in my palm.It was just a quick kiss, but it sent lightning bolts through my body, and had my mind and emotions reeling!I can’t even remember the rest of our conversation after that, I just remember it was close to the time when we had to go to our rooms and I was up most of the night thinking about him!


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