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Dating a canadian man

On the flip side, when it comes to blizzards, Canadians know how to keep their cool (no pun intended! Your Canadian will say “sorry” a lot – and often to complete strangers. Just like dating anyone from any Nationality, dating a Canadian can be a lot of fun.

It’s not because they are trying to apologize for their existence, it’s that in Canada the word “sorry” is often interchangeable with “excuse me.” 6.

Stereotypes be damned, it’s likely your Canadian knows his or her way around an ice rink… Your Canadian will also introduce you to other culinary treats like Poutine (a cheese, gravy and fried potato concoction that’s perfect for soothing a hangover.) 3.

You’ll get confused when you hear your Canadian say things like, “It was so hot today! ” Then you’ll realize that he or she actually means 40 degrees Celsius, and that they are referring to 100 degree weather.

Your Canadian lives and breathes the Metric system which means you’ll spend most of your time translating back and forth. When it comes to weather, Canadians are a resilient bunch.

When the temperature goes up to 15 C (60 Farenheit), don’t be surprised if your Canadian brings out their shorts.

The worst thing you can ask a Canadian is something like, “Do you have electricity? When it comes to dating, we like to go for dinner or drinks, for a walk, for coffee, to art galleries or even to a farmer’s market…and if you’re lucky, we might even take you ice skating! When your Canadian says to you, “I’m totally craving a Large Double Double and some Timbits” he or she is talking about grabbing a coffee and donut holes from the local Tim Hortons (a ubiquitous Canadian coffee chain) If you are not actually on Canadian soil when they make this statement, it’s likely your date feeling a bit homesick.Maintain the right hierarchy in the house and you’ll feel like a woman again. Believe it or not, in Europe, men do treat women differently.So many women complain that their hubbies are not manly enough! Even a random dude would help you carry heavy bags or open the door for you.Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule even in Europe, but I’m talking about the general standards. Not because she can’t afford to pay for herself, but because she allows him to take care of her and that, in turn, makes him feel more like a man.2) Why is paying on the first date such a taboo in Canada? 3) I’m going to make a lot of feminists unhappy with this point – traditional roles of a man and a woman is what we all need to stick to.There is nothing wrong with a woman cooking, cleaning and taking care of her man.It’s actually the opposite, it’s what’s going to make your man more of a man.My passions include eating pasta for every meal, squealing at every pug I see on the street, taking naps in hammocks, and rewatching episodes of Friends on Netflix. In honor of our Northern neighbor's holiday today, I put together a case for dating Canadians — a topic near and dear to my heart as I'm actually married to one.Dating in Canada is quite similar to dating in the rest of North America or the United Kingdom – with a few quirky twists.Canadians are known as polite, good natured and often, outdoorsy bunch.


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