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Dating a man going through a divorce with kids

"Anything written online about an ex-spouse will exist forever—when the children are old enough to read," cautions Newman. Being divorced doesn't mean you're a failure, less competent or less desirable.

Simplybadmouthing your ex is likely to hurt your kids more than your husband, even if you don't think they hear or read what you say.

"I asked for, and got, a check 30 days after my husband left," she says.

"Too many men dodge their financial responsibilities, so waiting for that first alimony check is unwise. Newman says that a client of hers told her husband's boss about his affair with his secretary and ended up getting him fired.

"It amplified the concept of a broken home." She wishes she had made plans to see her mother or a friend—or taken a vacation—to take her mind off spending the holiday by herself.

So make sure you stay busy during that difficult time of year.9.


  1. Having a one on one relationship with another man going through a divorce. dating a guy who is going through a divorce. Challenges with Separation and Divorce.

  2. Too—much more so than if you were dating a woman who has never been through a divorce. dating someone who’s going through a. How To Date A Divorced Man.

  3. Because mental health professionals consider divorce one of life's most stressful events, dating a man who’s in the midst of divorcing can be extremely challenging.

  4. Date a divorced man. The kids are already dealing with the divorce of their parents. I was dating a man going through a divorce for over a year.

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