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Dating a serial cheater

There’s something really psychotic about serial cheaters.

A serial cheater is someone who leads an entire separate relationship alongside a pre-existing one, or it is someone who repeatedly has sex with people who are not his or her significant other.

To some, it seems absolutely ludicrous cheating would in any shape or form “help a relationship.”While I neither condone infidelity nor encourage it, it's important to understand every story has two or more sides.

In the instance of cheating, the cheater’s point of view is one of them.

You’ve got thousands of potential partners at your fingertips, available 24-7.

We could sit here and analyze this sort of behavior to the moon and back, writing stupid metaphors about cameras and composing countless snake oils to try and cure your philandering behavior, but the truth is, at the end of the day, you should probably not be in a relationship at all—because like me, you don’t actually want a relationship, you want attention.

While serial cheating may help him realize his affinity for his partner through a plethora of other partners, he openly admits his partner has no idea about his indiscretions, and she would be crushed if he was somehow discovered.

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It was so much easier to go out in search of instant gratification than it would have been to stay home and work on what I had. I’m a writer, I run a small record label and I sing in a band called Perfect Pussy.I was surprised when, about a year ago, I started receiving letters on Tumblr from people that like my band, asking for advice about love, school, friendship, family—everything under the sun, it seemed.He made it crystal clear cheating would result in an F, no exceptions. A close coworker had decided to branch off and form his own business.He asked my professor to join him, and he offered him a senior-level management position, a comfortable salary and a stake in the company.You’re happy with the fancy camera until the day you wake up feeling like you simply can’t take a good picture without the fancy lens kit. You just need something more, something different, something new.Cheating is inherently capitalist in nature, which is one of the reasons why I’ll argue for it being universal, especially in the age of Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook—any populist platform accessible through your phone, allowing you constant, private contact with almost anyone you want.I think the word “sketchy” is appropriate to use in this instance, as opposed to “respectful infidelity.”As stated before, “respectful infidelity” might constitute as an open relationship because those do exist and are widely accepted. The anatomy behind a serial cheater is both complex and unnerving.For someone who favors monogamy, it may be difficult to see the different point of view of a serial cheater.The consequences felt minor most of the time—after all, I’d tell myself, I had needs.I wasn’t happy in my relationship, so I’d seek out temporary balms that would work for a minute, eventually leading to yet more sadness.


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