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Dating an antique bottle so beautiful you are intimidating

An enameled example may feature a color image such as clasped hands (Union Rye), a rooster (Chicken Cock Bourbon), a horseman (Pedigree or Old Rosebud), a cannon (Old Continental), or an Inspector holding a bottle (Sunny Brook).Soda Bottles: A wide variety of bottles that once contained soda and mineral water are of interest to us.Beer Bottles: Pre-Prohibition beer bottles (made prior to 1920), embossed or labeled, are always of interest.The bottle may be marked with the name of one of the thousands of beer brands from around the country.Such miniatures or samples may have contained a small sample of beer, whiskey, medicine, ink, bitters, or any other bottled product.Bar Bottles or Decanters: Antique bottles in fancy shapes, or featuring facets of cut glass and with colored enamel or gold wording are one type of bottle we seek.From New York to California, there were thousands of liquor dealers and distilleries before Prohibition.We wish to purchase examples from nearly any of these firms.

We seek figural bottles in cobalt blue, white or blue milk glass, green, amber, clear, or in any other color. Glass House Whimsies: During off hours and lunchtime, glass house workers created off-hand pieces which were not meant for marketing but were taken home for personal use.Some sodas are made of stoneware with product names stamped or stenciled onto them. However, the word is often combined with one or more other words to describe the product.We seek bottles embossed or labeled with words such as: Indian bitters, kidney and liver bitters, stomach bitters, laxative bitters, old sachem bitters, national bitters, restorative bitters, wild cherry bitters, sarsaparilla bitters, home bitters, wine bitters, blood bitters, iron bitters, herb bitters, vegetable bitters, plantation bitters, hop bitters, bourbon bitters, grape root bitters, appetine bitters, digestine bitters, red star stomach bitters, etc.Flasks: We seek early American flasks embossed with images such as Washington, La Fayette, Ben Franklin, General Zachary Taylor, Jenny Lind, and Andrew Jackson.Flasks embossed with images of eagles, hunters, prospectors, cabins, boats, girls on bicycles, railroad cars or carts, clasped hands, cannons, glass house names, and fancy scroll work are also sought.Equally interesting to us are cathedral paper sauce bottles.These are much smaller versions of the cathedral pickle bottle and they feature a narrower neck. Poison Bottles: Poison bottles are often found in bright colors such as green, amber, and cobalt blue.We especially seek figural bitters in shapes such as: cabins, barrels, Indian maidens, ears of corn, pigs, etc. Ink Bottles: Ink bottles come in many shapes and sizes.We wish to purchase ink bottles in colors such as cobalt blue, green, and amber and in shapes such as a cone (round or multi-sided), a cylinder with pour spout, or a teakettle.Bottles embossed with ink names such a CARTER'S, HARRISON'S, J & IEM, HOVER, DAVIDS', GAYLORD'S, WARREN'S CONGRESS, and HEATH'S are of interest, as are many others.Barber Bottles: Barber bottles came in a variety of shapes and sizes and were often made in bright colors with fancy decorations of images on them.


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