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I think it's especially hot if you're out with a partner and you secretly mention it to them." Photo Source: i Stock I usually go commando when I'm wearing leggings super comfy and great for not showing those ugly lines.

(I tried jeans, though I find it's a little uncomfortable.) Just this past weekend my boyfriend and I went on a double date and I wore a skirt, but as I was getting dressed those hideous underwear lines were showing and I hated it (and I was wearing a thong! Post your own thoughts and questions in our boards and start chatting with other girls.

Lack of underwear may also be averted or lampshaded in the case of a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal of either sex.

If it is obvious that a character is Going Commando and/or it is played for Fanservice purposes, it is Vapor Wear.

and proceeded in December to raise integration costs and shut down servers for many older games, including the Star Wars: Battlefront series, Sniper Elite, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Neverwinter Nights, with no warning to developers or consumers.

Glu mobile also shut down online multiplayer servers for several titles on the Nintendo DS and Wii, such as Mario Kart DS, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Mario Kart Wii.

Simply put, a character isn't wearing underwear for some reason.Compare Naked in Mink, Diamonds in the Buff, Full-Frontal Assault (for when the fighter decides to forgo more than his boxers).Action adventure game with nazi enemies in the second world war. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.Glu shut down the rest of Gamespy effective on May 31, 2014.On September 3, 2014, Play First was acquired by Glu Mobile.45 Commando Royal Marines are currently in the Baltic region taking part in a NATO exercise with partners including the US Army.Reporter Matthew Day and photographer Anthony Upton joined them.“I wanted to get super real and show u how drastically and instantly ppl can change how they look simply by posing!” she wrote on Instagram about the before-and-after slideshow, a collaboration between Fashion for All and  Lawrence draws attention to her supposed “flaws” like it’s a full-time job. is a developer and publisher of mobile games for smartphone and tablet devices.Founded in San Francisco, California, in 2001 as Sorrent, Glu offers products to multiple platforms including i OS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone and Google Chrome.


  1. We prepared the full report and history for across the most popular social networks. Dating-commando has a poor activity level in LinkedIn with.

  2. There are more and more girls going commando as of late. But why is this? Here are all of the reasons why girls – and you – should ditch the undies.

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