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Dating curta calculators

After building my first Thacher replica (see 3 Thacher Replicas) Clark Mc Coy of the Oughtred Society suggested I might have the skills to replace the scales on some of the crumbling and decrepit real Thachers in members' collections.Wayne Harrison later told he'd hoped that someone would attempt this, and that's why he undertook to build the scales in the first place.As with my replicas, I printed to standard paper which I then coated with semi-gloss polyurethane to protect the paper from smudges.By coating I also seek to seal out humidity and stabilize the paper against expansion.I didn't want a pristine white result, so I mixed some old yellow turpentine into the poly to make it look like honey.I've found it best to tape the scales down across their full edges to a big sheet of foam-core board before applying the poly with a brush, stroking width-wise.In spite of the poly coating, some water gets in and warps the paper intolerably.It's also important to avoid any sort of cement that sets up quickly.

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However, they have a 42" wide HP Design Jet Z3100 Photo printer with 12 colors (wow) that nails the task every time.This keeps the work flat, prevents it from shifting, and lets me lift up the work and sight along it from many angles to make sure everything is coated.I've found that at least 2 coats are needed per side for adequate results.I kept the front face of bar 16, the only one that came off intact. It's glued directly to the steel bar, and near as I can tell the bars are in no way sealed from rust.The paper came off easily with a razor blade and then I sanded the bare metal.So I felt it important to give it a shot, and this page documents the effort.If you would like me to rescale your original Thacher's ruined, unusable scales, please contact me at [email protected] was very frustrated by this, but I'm told by a friend at HP that it's to be expected of a laser printer.I finally found an independent shop that specializes in architectural drawings.Clearly, the first order of business was the envelope.I felt bad about destroying the original scales but reminded myself that K&E did it all the time when they replaced them.


  1. See more. Curta Mechanical Calculator, a small, hand-cranked mechanical calculator introduced by Curt Herzstark · Mechanical. Curta calculator, a marvelous contraption by any standards. HP Calculators. Curta Calculator, a mechanical calculator that pre-dated the popularization of the transistor. This example was.

  2. Description2010 CURTA-Calculator 08 English CURTA Type I Calculator, mechanical calculator. Date, 9 September 2010. Source, Own work. Author, Thomas Schanz.

  3. Country / Post, Liechtenstein. Date of Issue, 20 November 2006. Primary theme, Economy & Industry Engineering Science & Technology Mathematics. Subject, Technical Innovations from Liechtenstein - Curta Calculator. Width, 32.5 mm. Height, 32.5 mm. Denomination, 1.30 CHF. Number in set, 3 show set. Layout/.

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