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The Dutch occupied parts of the island from the early 17th century and were able to keep out the Spanish, but the former were themselves removed in 1662 by mainland Chinese forces.

Chinese warlords and pirates were to make Taiwan their base for a number of decades until the Qing dynasty was to annex it in 1683 and it became part of Fujian province.

More recent Chinese arrivals came in with the Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) government and troops after losing the Chinese civil war to the Communists in 1949.

About 2 per cent of the population (nearly 460,000) are indigenous peoples who have inhabited the island for thousands of years.

The status of Taiwan was to become uncertain after events in 1945.

The Center’s permanent exhibition area displays rich contents related to Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and the Earth Sciences, and the NTSEC also hosts the most up-to-date science exhibitions in collaboration with other international and domestic museums.

These events also led to what is often called the ‘White Terror’ when political dissent and discussion of the massacre was prohibited.

Martial law was imposed from from to 15 July 1987.

In addition, the stimulating 3D Theater and the fun-filled Virtual Reality Theater keep you on the edge of your seat and expand your viewpoint, while the science library and fully-equipped science labs allow for hands-on experience in science, exploring more than just the theoretical base.

Furthermore, the NTSEC hosts the National Elementary and High School Science Fair and the Taiwan International Science Fair every year, operates a restraint-free Internet Science Education Center, runs a country-wide, Mobile Science Education Center, and offers lively, interesting popular science books, meeting the needs of all age groups with the aim of attracting the entire population to learn about science, have fun with science, and ultimately fall in love with it.


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