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If you don't tell her, and you end up doing something with this guy and she finds out, she'll be shocked and devastated.

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Source: Shutter Stock Before you do anything with this guy, really think about your friendship with your BFF. Source: Shutter Stock Okay, so imagine you and your crush started dating.Then you guys can figure it out together, hopefully. You don't want to end a friendship over a guy, because I promise you, it's usually not worth it in the end. Do you feel like you really have a connection with him? You need to consider all of this stuff if you're trying to decide between the two of them.Source: Shutter Stock If you both know you like the same person, there is bound to be some jealousy there. Relationships don't always last that long, but best friendships can last a lot longer. Maybe you feel like this guy is worth more than your friendship.Think about what will probably happen: your friendship might be completely ruined, meaning you'll lose your bestie.If she turns on you and gets your other friends on her side, you might have problems with them too. I've also seen advice saying things like "Let him choose for you." Don't let him choose for you.Source: Shutter Stock As tough as it may be, you should tell your friend if you like the same guy she does.If you don't, you're inching towards betrayal territory.You'll end up feeling either guilty, sad, or angry, or a mixture of both. That will leave one of you feeling completely horrible.Just make sure this relationship would REALLY be worth losing a friend over. Source: Shutter Stock Don't compete with your friend for this guy - no matter who wins, you'll both lose because you'll lose each other. Source: Shutter Stock Your best course of action here is to try to come to an agreement with your friend.Maybe one of you will decide the whole thing isn't worth it and you'll agree to step down.Or, maybe you'll both decide it's not worth it and you'll both move on.


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