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A better approach might be, "You know, my stylist said only certain guys can pull off that style.I guess you're one of them..." Hey, it may sound cheesy, but it strikes conversation and hopefully a blush. This buys you time to think about something else to talk about.Pick your future partner based on their dog preferences, small, scruffy or otherwise.Pros: Just think of all the cute dog meme sharing that could be yours.Who doesn't want a handsome guy to come up and talk to them?unfortunately, this attitude has created an imbalance in the dating scene.

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If nothing is apparent ask him if he is interested in the things you're interested in and go from there.6. Be honest and open with your new prospect, but don't give too much too soon.

Cons: People might think basing your future parter on dog preferences is weird Verdict: A silly app that seems unlikely to find you true love but might narrow down options.

Who wants to date somebody who like Chihuahuas after all?

What kind of personality or demeanor would you like him to have? If you like a certain type of guy, go where those types of guys go.

I'd love to say the world is an integrated utopia, but people tend to hang out with others with similar backgrounds or interests.


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