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Couples learn to "listen from the heart" for the feelings that lie beneath the words, and so are better able to understand one another and meet their partners' needs.

North Caldwell made a strong showing to take in the overall number one spot for 2018.

We didn't understand how to communicate our feelings and needs. EFT is a powerful yet gentle approach to marriage counseling and couples therapy that can help you repair your distressed relationship and bring about real change.

Couples therapy gave us the tools to be much more loving and respectful partners. EFT is commonly regarded as one of the most effective approaches to couples therapy and marriage counseling available today.

It is a highly researched, short-term and straightforward method that is balanced in its understanding of both men and women. It focuses on breaking the negative cycles of interaction that keep couples stuck in conflict and misunderstanding.

It has been shown to successfully help couples break old destructive patterns, create new emotional bonds, and find the closeness and security they truly desire. It helps couples to establish a safe and secure emotional connection that invites deeper personal sharing, acceptance and intimacy.


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