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Dating in medeival times

Part of this was because of the crusades, whose returning warriors brought back foreign ideas and a taste for exotic goods. The medieval communes (city states governed as commonwealths) and republics were formed. It was also a period in which there were unfortunately a series of famines, a great plague, which killed off between one and two thirds of the people, depending on where you were, and the very destructive Hundred Years' War.

The average age of marriage seems to have been in the mid twenties, until after the Black Death, when people married younger.Young men and women got together at social events, where there was music and dancing, or any time they could, and spent their time together.They did not marry young, because they wanted to prepare for family life before they started it.These included Arabic numerals to replace Roman numerals.The Middle Ages are often described as dirty, smelly, and superstitious.In the North, it was a time for building kingdoms out of prehistoric tribal groups.It was during this time that the Carolingian Empire was formed, including nearly all of France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland, together with about half of Italy and parts of Austria and other countries.The first half of the Early Middle Ages, about 400 to 750 AD, called the Age of Migrations, began with the military, economic, and intellectual bankruptcy of the West Roman Empire, which collapsed as Germanic tribes moved into a power vacuum and set up their own kingdoms.The first thing the Germanic people had to do was to find places to settle down and set up their governments among people who had different ways of doing things.People were sometimes betrothed and married at very young ages.Among ordinary people, courtship was based on mutual attraction, very much as it is today.


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