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In 1851, the area received its first Anglo inhabitants in the form of several hundred Mormon pioneers, who purchased the entire Rancho San Bernardino, founded nearby San Bernardino, and established a prosperous farming community watered by the many lakes and streams of the San Bernardino Mountains.The Mormon community left wholesale in 1857, recalled to Utah by Brigham Young during the tensions with the federal government that ultimately led to the brief Utah War.In 1842, the Lugo family bought the Rancho San Bernardino Mexican land grant and this became the first fixed settler civilization in the area.The area northwest of current Redlands, astride the Santa Ana River, would become known as Lugonia.At its peak, PE operated five local routes in Redlands, with streetcars running to Smiley Heights, and on Orange, Olive, and Citrus Avenues. "This dispatch is sorted and morning deliveries started by a.m. The post office department has temporarily arranged for this mail to be brought in by the Santa Fe train at a.m.This also affected mail delivery in Redlands as "Approximately 80 percent of our mail from all directions arrives on the 5 a.m. As this arrival is an hour later, our service will be one hour later." "History was made in the electrical industry July 27, 1892, when a franchise was granted to the Electric Light & Power Co., which was incorporated Oct.

Washingtonia palms (Washingtonia robusta) were planted along many main avenues.The Serrano (Mountain-dwelling Cahuilla) village of Guachama, located just to the west of present-day Redlands, was visited by Fr.Francisco Dumetz in 1810, and was the reason the site was chosen for a mission outpost.In 1945, the first annual Orange Queen Ball at the Redlands City Auditorium was held to raise funds for the union.The citrus industry declined in the area as more agricultural areas were replaced by subdivisions, and all three citrus packing houses (two in downtown and one on San Bernardino Avenue) had closed by the end of the 1900s.The original community of Lugonia was absorbed at this time.The newspaper was first published in July 1887 by The Citrograph Printing Company, which remains in 2017 as both Redlands' oldest business and the longest-operating printing company in California.The firm boasted of ability to supply current enough for 55 arc lamps, and 1,500 homes." During the 1930s and 1940s, labor activists campaigned in the canneries and packing houses for union representation and higher wages.The United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America (UCAPAWA) won 13 National Labor Relations Board representation elections in the Riverside-Redlands area in 1943.North and others saw the area, with its hot, dry climate and ready access to water as an ideal center for citrus production. Judson, a New York stock broker, to provide a center (along with North's nearby settlement at Riverside) for the burgeoning citrus industry.The city of Redlands was soon established by Frank E. They named their city “Redlands” after the color of the adobe soil.


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