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Dating isle of wight

You'll never know just how close your potential partner could be, Ryde Singles to Northwood and everywhere in between- we cover the whole Isle!Meet new people, learn new things and discover new places on Isle of Wight dates.The Roman Officer, Vespasian, came to the Island in the 2nd.Century and it is known that there were ‘secret christians’ in his Army.

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These are characteristic of very early experimental pieces made in 1972 and early ranges made up to mid-1973.This is one of the earliest signatures of Timothy Harris. Signature of Timothy Harris on a piece made exclusively for IOWSG Collector's Club members.It was on an experimental piece from the early 1980s. The addition of the words 'Collectors Club' seems to be found only on the earliest club editions.Some other later pieces have broken pontil marks, including some experimental and trial pieces, all attenuated bottles and the British Museum design. Kerry Glass can have the flame on the left hand side (early pieces) or the right hand side (from some time in the early 1980s to 1985). This label was found on an early Tortoiseshell attenuated bottle, which may date from 1973 or 1974.The flame pontil mark, with the flame part on the left hand side, was used from 1974 to 1979, and much less frequently thereafter. Therefore, generally speaking, the flame mark is a 1970s mark. It seems that labels with 'HANDMADE' as one word are earlier than labels with 'HAND MADE' as two words.This example is on the votive vase of Edition 2 in the Wild Garden style made in 2003.Signature of Timothy Harris on a piece made exclusively for Isle of Wight Glass Museum.The block is hollow and not a solid piece of glass. - to socialize, mix and mingle I have started this site because as a newbie to the Isle of Wight, I've found it difficult to get to meet new people and make friends.The oblong label that says 'Handmade Isle of Wight' is sometimes found together with the flame label. Note in this case there is a distinct gap between the two lines of text, which may indicate a later reprinting.The label with 'England' is the same size as the one immediately above.


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