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Dr Dawson said she was "extremely surprised" by the results."It took me a long time to believe my results actually, I went back and re-tested over again," she said."It was pretty mind-blowing when we found out krill could break up plastics into tiny pieces."The most significant thing for me is that we fed the krill plastics that are brand new, but the reality is micro-plastics in the environment are already degraded, so if krill can grind up brand new plastics what can they be doing with old plastics?" However, Dr Dawson said it may be too early to thank the krill for their environmental work, as more studies were needed.It's particularly difficult when we have no way to change those things. So one strategy would be to understand that if something hurts because I insist that another person should be different, maybe I'm wasting a lot of time hurting over things beyond my control, instead of getting on with life and making it the best life I can. Krill may be at the bottom of the food chain, but they are proving to be a secret weapon in the war against ocean plastics, one poo at a time.

Years ago someone told me "Hurt people hurt people".Cyril Tindal in the vicinity of Mothor Mountain (Gympie).1.)Metallurgists who have examined the spoon agree it is crude and hand forged and of great antiquity & has been matched with other examples from the ancient Middle East."By breaking it down, krill are making it available to organisms smaller than krill that wouldn't have otherwise eaten it," he said.There's also the potential for toxins to be passed up through the food chain.They have also shown footage of their robots' capability to self-correct and right itself after receiving a knock, in a series of tests that look more like a journal of bullying.Boston Dynamics was sold by Google's Alphabet to Japan's Softbank last year.While it is not the first time Boston Dynamics has shown such footage — Marc Raibert, founder of the firm, showed the Mini's predecessor Spot opening a door during a TED talk last year — it is the first time the Mini has shown the same capability, with the mounted claw.The company did not release any details along with the video, but the Spot Mini is described on its website as "a nimble robot that handles objects, climbs stairs, and will operate in offices, homes and outdoors".Engineering and robotics design firm Boston Dynamics has once again released new footage of one of their robots performing an ordinary but surprisingly unnerving everyday task — in this case, opening a door.In the footage, a four-legged Spot Mini robot — unveiled in November last year — uses a claw mount on its head to reach out and deftly manipulate the handle to open and hold the door, keeping it open for its fellow robot.


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