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His family opted to try experimental surgery, rather than remove Tatum's eye.'The surgery worked and she's doing great, she's a miracle,' said Derek.

The ESPN features reporter earned 27 points for her dance with Val Chmerkovskiy.'I don't think anybody can possibly imagine the situations that you've been in, and you've emerged out of it like a star, and you danced like a star,' said Bruno, 61.'I'm a crusty old guy, I don't get too emotional but that was just a joyful, lovely experience and you should inspire the whole of America,' said Len, 73.

His barefoot contemporary scored 29 – after receiving the first 10s of the season.'That was exquisitely flawless,' raved Bruno, calling it 'a work of art'.

South African-born actress Sasha Pieterse chose 2016 – when her TV show Pretty Little Liars ended, and she got engaged.

Terrell Owens was born on 7 December 1973 and this makes his age 43 now. He went to Benjamin Russell High School where he excelled in the football, baseball, track, and baseball.

He also played college basketball and football at the University of Tennessee.


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