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Dating nerves

A few years back I lived in Tufnell Park in London in the UK and one morning, when i walked into the underground station in front of the lift, I noticed a tall, slim, beautiful girl with short blond hair who was looking at me. She noticed me, and now looked faintly embarrassed. I thought of getting out and speaking to her outside..Her beautiful big blue grey eyes looked into mine for what seemed an eternity. Maybe you don’t know what I am talking about but…somehow I knew I was instantly in love with her, there was something about her that made me “know” that she was perfect for me and that she liked me for some reason. but by then I felt so bad about my- self that I couldn’t have talked to myself in the mirror without stammering. When we had got onto the train I had decided that today it wasn’t right. When we were doing that I decided it was easier to talk to her on the platform.But the most frustrating problem with much of the advice out there is this: A lot of “dating gurus” tell you what do you, and how to behave, and when to smile and how much eye contact to have or even “how to get laid 9.5 times in 3 days-guaranteed! I knew I had to go deeper and over the years I developed, stole, adapted many different methods to help me become truly comfortable on dates by sorting out the underlying reasons for my fears.” But almost nobody addressed the underlying issue…which really was: Here are the 2 big insights I slowly and painfully developed over the years: And paradoxically: Why? I have collected these concepts, methods, and mindsets. So here is THE technique I wish I had developed years ago that has made it possible for me to stay cool, calm and collected around very attractive women when i finally distilled it from all the other things I had learned.I am also calling it the 180 Degree Method because it does it by performing a 180 Degree Turn in terms of your state. So if you are on a date with someone you focus on making them feel “confident” or “calm” or “reassured” or “easy going”… cool ) …and then you ask yourself “How can I make my date feel cool?

She is looking at me as if she wants me to talk to her. When she went off at Goodge street station she looked up at me shyly again…And I tried to smile back. For another minute I actually convinced myself that I had done the right thing. ” (Then all the other painful memories of times when my nerves got in the way came up…which kept me busy for another hour…) When i had somehow convinced myself that things could still work out a few hours later I pinned my hopes on getting there the next morning.• you will stop ruining things because of your shyness and “just be” around girls. The “ Shy Stop Switch” Technique is the culmination of my whole long personal journey to learn to get to grips with my nervousness around women and in fact in many other situations too.It is the most effective technique I developed over years to quickly stop nerves or shyness and instead make me feel calm, relaxed and in control around women or in public. Focus on making the people around you feel that opposite way.I won’t go into the next few days when I went to Goodge Street in the hope of bumping into her again… Who knows…maybe it would never have worked out…Maybe i wouldn’t even have liked her in the end.But for years i have thought back to that time and wondered what might have happened if… …Because that episode may have been the final straw that made me take action to get this thing handled!Maybe you have learned about techniques to guess when to kiss a girl or how to tell that they are attracted to you or not… I have looked at everything and tried almost everything.Some was useful, some was useless, some was infuriatingly mechanical, some was shockingly manipulative. She is so beautiful that she must be getting approached all the time. Then it would mean I was “meant” to talk to her wouldn’t it? all I do is stand there sheepishly trying to look like I don’t care and don’t do anything! Because i am so scared of what she might think that I screw up my chance to get together with the girl of my dreams again! Instead I would talk to her next time I would see her. ” And then it really hit me: Here I am, single and desperate to be in a relationship again, next to a beautiful girl who does everything she can to encourage me to talk to her and…• you will approach girls you like without stammering!• your friends will admire your mysterious cool state of mind!


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