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Dating nerves

I was so shocked that I just stood there like a deer in the headlights. She smiled a tiny smile and I tried to do the same. I just wanted to sink into the ground with embarrassment! So I came the next day and “lingered” outside the station for a while “waiting” for her.• you will stop ruining things because of your shyness and “just be” around girls. The “ Shy Stop Switch” Technique is the culmination of my whole long personal journey to learn to get to grips with my nervousness around women and in fact in many other situations too.

Some was useful, some was useless, some was infuriatingly mechanical, some was shockingly manipulative.

She is so beautiful that she must be getting approached all the time. Then it would mean I was “meant” to talk to her wouldn’t it? all I do is stand there sheepishly trying to look like I don’t care and don’t do anything! Because i am so scared of what she might think that I screw up my chance to get together with the girl of my dreams again!

Instead I would talk to her next time I would see her. ” And then it really hit me: Here I am, single and desperate to be in a relationship again, next to a beautiful girl who does everything she can to encourage me to talk to her and…

Just before the doors opened I had decided that it is easier to talk to her when we were walking next to each other to the train.

The lift started and slowly went down for what seemed minutes. I stood 2 meters away from her alone in a lift…frantically trying to stop panicking…surely there was no better opportunity than now!


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