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Dating retired person year close

Incomplete or inaccurate information from agencies can significantly delay processing and ultimately, a retiree's check.

All annuitants who have Option C - Family insurance, and whose annuity commencing dates are April 24, 1999, or later, are eligible to make an Option C reduction election.For example, a person with five multiples may elect No Reduction on two multiples, while the three remaining multiples reduce fully.If you elect Full Reduction, effective the first day of the second month after your 65th birthday or your retirement date, whichever is later, your Option B full-reduction multiples will reduce by 2 percent of the face value per month for 50 months, at which time this coverage will end.Some retirees receive less than our goal due to a variety of factors.Some of the conditions that could cause the annuitant to receive less than the agency's NET estimate are: a FERS annuity supplement, unpaid service credit deposits, redeposits or military deposits, a court order on file at OPM, or the retiree is entitled to a special computation as a Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter, Air Traffic Controller or other special retirement group.If you retired on or after May 7, 1985, we will honor the terms of a court order that requires you to provide a survivor annuity for an eligible former spouse for a marriage dissolved on or after May 7, 1985.If you are divorced after retirement from a spouse to whom you were married at retirement, we will honor the court order to the extent that your annuity was reduced at retirement.We will contact annuitants who retired before age 65 shortly before their 65th birthday.At that time, the annuitant may elect either Full Reduction or No Reduction for each separate multiple of Option B.In December, we increased all Department of Defense civilian retiree interim payments by 5%. These cases had been receiving a lower than average amount of interim pay based upon the data received at the time of retirement.Additional system changes are in process to provide a 5% increase for certain retirees of the United States Postal Service.


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