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Dating seminole texas

Dummett (1775-1839), who grew up on the Caribbean island of Barbados, retired from Britain's Royal Marines and began a sugar plantation.

He and his wife Mary had 11 children, however only six lived to adulthood.

So great was the threat of invasion that, by order of the King of Spain, houses were to be constructed so that they might "serve as a defense of fortress against those who might attempt to occupy the town." Consequently, the building stands directly on the street, shielding the front entrance and peaceful courtyard enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

Gaspar Garcia, the property's first owner, was a military man.

The Inn's Dining Room is bright and cheery, and perfect for enjoying each day's delicious breakfast offerings.

Like other well-to-do planters, Dummett kept a house in St. Hardee was an 1838 graduate of West Point , lieutenant colonel in the Mexican-American War, leader of the Texas Rangers, and a Confederate General.A sergeant in the Third Battalion of the Infantry Regiment of Cuba, he was granted the lot in 1791 by the King of Spain, and shortly thereafter built a home.In 1802, the property was purchased by Juan Ruggiers, a sea captain, whose family held it until the early years of American rule in Florida.Visitors today find echoes of our colorful past in the tranquil ambiance of the St. Here a fountained pond is fed from an artesian well at St. George Street, through the wrought iron archway into the walled garden courtyard.Another Dummett daughter married Brigadier General Melville A.Cochran, whose book of reminiscences described the Inn as "one of the best in St. After Colonel Dummett's death, his daughter Anna Marie (1817-1899), who never married, converted the family home into a lodging establishment in 1845.In 1819, Dummett had moved his family to America after the English ban on slave trade caused many planters in the colonies to give up their way of life.There is a story that British authorities tried to detain Dummett and that he smuggled himself aboard a ship, hiding in an empty sugar barrel.Subsequent owners and residents included other military figures.In 1838 it became the property of Colonel Thomas Henry Dummett.


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