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Dentistry, in some form or another, has been practiced for at least 9,000 years, although tooth extraction and remedies for tooth aches probably go back much further.

The study of ancient remains from around the world has demonstrated the ingenuity that existed in the application of surgical and cosmetic dental practices going back many millennia.

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The bones of the individuals, dated to 800–1535 AD, displayed evidence of having undergone drilling techniques on their legs in a manner similar to trepanation.

Study showed the bottles had been filled with the mixed chemicals deliberately, added with the use of specific calculations.

These findings, and the quantity of bottles, led Turan and the excavation team to surmise the location was the equivalent of a pharmaceutical production center.

Examinations revealed the pair were seemingly healthy overall, without major stresses detected on the bones.

However, the depth and placement of the drilled holes suggest the surgeries were done to relieve pressure from an injury or infection which caused a build-up of fluid in the leg.


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