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Dating someone in a biker club

But then, in September 2014, came what many saw as a clear message that life among the Kingsmen was changing – the murders of Daniel “DJ” Szymanski and Paul Maue by fellow gang member Andre “Little Bear” Jenkins.

Prosecutors did not specify the outcomes of those cases.“These killings were done to send a message,” said one investigator familiar with the case.“There has been a civil war within the Kingsmen organization over the past few years, and these two killings were 100 percent connected to the civil war.” Over the years, the Kingsmen had their share of rivalries that turned ugly, most notably a longstanding feud with the Chosen Few, but the violence never reached the level of other, more notorious biker incidents across the country.“There was a big split in the Kingsmen,” said Donald C.Davis, a former biker gang member who writes “The Aging Rebel,” a national blog popular with bikers.That dubious distinction belongs to larger national and international gangs like the Hell’s Angels, Outlaws, Mongols, Pagans and Bandidos.“There are guys who join clubs to become weekend riders and partiers, and then you have the one-percenters, who join to commit crimes,” said Steve Cook, a Missouri police officer and president of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association.They also claim he was behind the transition to a criminal organization.Bill Peidlow, the Kingsmen’s new acting president, wouldn’t comment on the murders or Pirk’s alleged ties to them in an interview with The Buffalo News, but he described the indictment as “embellished” and “overblown.” When asked about the reports of a civil war within the club, Peidlow said there was discussion over the move to a one-percent club three years ago that never went anywhere.Violent subculture For decades, people’s perception of the Kingsmen was limited to frequent sightings of their trademark colors on local highways, or of a Kingsmen and his “old lady” at a local bar, concert or fundraiser.The club had its share of run-ins with rival gangs, especially the Chosen Few, but never had a reputation as one of the nation’s most violent biker gangs.


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