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Dating someone with cat allergies

Following these steps will reduce the allergens in the house.Professional Animal Training When your dog has behavioral issues that you can’t correct, you may need to hire a professional.By midlife, we’re usually pretty comfortable in our space and with our own lifestyle, and that can create some problems when we get serious about someone new.

In the ideal world, both people would feel the same way, and their pets would get along like the Brady Bunch.

For a few months, our house was depressingly empty.

But in mid-November, when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, I didn’t have to think about my answer.

(MORE: Longing for a Dog) Dog Lover and Pet Hater Not everyone is that lucky, however. Becky misses having a pet and constantly thinks about getting one for the kids. He’s never had one and doesn’t want the responsibility.

Hoping love would conquer all, my neighbor Becky gave her dog to a friend when she moved in with her fiancé, who isn’t fond of animals (to say the least). This is tricky; Becky could try to talk (or guilt) him into getting a dog, but that could put a strain on their marriage.


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